Education Certificates

The Certificate Level of Education

In this day and age, qualifications have never been more important to obtain when it comes to getting a job. Most employers will spend a few minutes perusing an applicant’s CV and the mention of qualifications can often be a deciding factor. There are a range of educational qualifications that can be obtained and of these, a certificate is considered the entry-level grade.

Different levels of education

Originally introduced as a way for professionals to study towards a particular qualification, certificates are available to adults of all ages and there are literally hundreds of topics to choose from. The flexibility afforded by this type of qualification can serve several purposes. The first relates to a standalone document – and one that once achieved, will denote a basic to moderate level of understanding within a particular topic.

For example, if a person wants to pursue lifesaving training that will enable them to treat an injured person if their heart stops beating, they can choose to undergo a course that covers CPR. This will permit them to attempt to resuscitate a person, but this is where the experience will stop. In order to continue treatment, the individual will instead need to pursue a variety of diplomas (the step up from a certificate).

Diplomas contribute towards a degree and this is how an individual can go from a basically-trained practitioner, all the way to a fully qualified expert. Once a degree has been issued, the person can go on to become a paramedic, or pursue further education and obtain their PhD and become a doctor for example.

The same can be said for any industry, with a certificate offering an entry-level into the service or career. A student can walk away with their newly documented qualification there and then, or they can pursue higher education in the form of a diploma (or set of). As far as flexible training courses go, certificates are certainly the simplest to attain and they can act to open a variety of career pathways.